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School management in times of crisis: what can the pandemic teach us for the future?

Lara Simielli, Maria Teresa Gonzaga Alves, Valéria Cristina Oliveira, Flavia Pereira Xavier e Gabriela Lotta
Year of Publication: 

The research intended to identify common challenges and strategies of school principals in ten Brazilian municipalities that had good teaching approaches during the pandemic, and to present evidence and recommendations on issues related to school management. Among the recommendations suggested for the federal government are the definition of the competences of each entity – municipalities, states and federation – and the responsibilities of school management. It also suggests the development of a regulatory framework on the subject of management and the establishment of a minimum period of permanence in the management position. The report sought to shed light on the pandemic period so that we can learn from the crisis by taking the best measures to recover student learning and preparing the system to be more resilient in possible future crises. The report was produced in partnership with Itaú Social.

Educational Policy