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Prospective Students & Researchers

What We Offer

Through the Lemann Center, students from Brazil can pursue MA or PhD degrees in different programs within the Stanford Graduate School of Education (GSE), such as Learning, Design and Technology, International Comparative Education, or Economics of Education. In addition, students can also enroll in Stanford’s unique Joint MA Education/MBA program between the Graduate School of Business and Graduate School of Education.

In these programs, students are trained to play key roles in Brazilian educational policy innovation, discover new techniques in learning design, and hone their educational entrepreneurial spirit. In particular, the Lemann Center is designed to attract graduates and professionals from other fields, such as engineering, economics, applied mathematics, and business.

Fellowship Programs

Post Doctoral

The Lemann Center hosts visiting researchers and entrepreneurs from Brazilian institutions for three to six months to attend seminars and work with Stanford faculty. The Center leverages its privileged position in Silicon Valley to host entrepreneurs who are developing new educational methods and tools to improve learning. 


Brazilian educational policy leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs can earn their PhD in one of the following academic areas of the GSE:

  • Social Sciences, Humanities & Interdisciplinary Policy Studies in Education (SHIPS)
  • Developmental and Psychological Sciences (DAPS)
  • Curriculum Studies and Teacher Education (CTE)
  • Cross-Area Specialization: Learning Sciences and Technology Design (LSTD)

Doctoral Program

MA & Joint MA Education/MBA

The Lemann Center works closely with the Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) and Stanford Graduate School of Education (GSE). Students can earn an MA in the following fields, or enroll in our Joint MA Education/MBA.

  • International Comparative Education (ICE)
  • Learning, Design and Technology (LDT)
  • Joint MA Education/MBA, between the GSB and GSE

MA/MBA Programs

Stanford Graduate School of Business - Joint & Dual Degrees

Visiting Programs

The mission of the three-month Lemann Center Visiting Program is to bring together researchers from Brazil and the United States, publish original research in top-ranked journals, provide opportunities for Visiting Researchers to experience classes and research in one of the world's most renowned schools of education, and foster interdisciplinary debate among researchers from different areas who work to promote and improve Brazilian education. 

Visiting Programs


The Lemann Center works with the Inquiry into the Stanford Teacher Education Program (iSTEP) to inform teacher-educators from Brazil of effective, innovative methods for developing high quality teachers in the context of the Brazilian education system.


To become a Lemann Fellow, you must first be accepted into one of Stanford's MA or Doctoral Programs. For Visiting Programs and iSTEP, it is not necessary.

Who We Are

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