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Eric Bettinger

Photo of Eric
Academic Title: 
PhD (Econo Massachusetts Institute of Technology. B.S. (Economics)  Brigham Young University.
Areas of interest: 
Economics of Education; Access and Equity; Higher Education; Quantitative Methods; Experiments in Social Sciences; Educational Policy.

Eric Bettinger is Conley DeAngelis Family Professor of Education in the Stanford University School of Education. He is also a research associate in the program on education at the National Bureau of Economic Research. Bettinger is the Director of the Center for Educational Policy Analysis and a Co-Director at the Lemann Center for Brazilian Education at Stanford. His research interests include economics of education; student success and completion in college; the impacts of financial aid; teacher characteristics and student success in college; effects of voucher programs on both academic and non-academic outcomes. Eric’s research focuses on using rigorous statistical methods in identifying cause-and-effect relationships in higher education. His research on simplifying financial aid applications has influenced recent efforts by the White House to simplify financial aid processes. He has served as a consultant to the White House and various state governments on financial aid policies.