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Guilherme Lichand

Program Year : 
Fellow Type: 
Visiting Scholar
Academic Degree: 

Guilherme is an Assistant Professor of Economics of Child Well-being and Development at the University of Zurich, and Chairman at CCWD. His research is primarily about why, in developing countries, parents often fail to invest in (and sometimes even destroy) children's human capital. Guilherme is also a co-founder and chairman at Movva, which powers nudgebots to improve learning outcomes among low-income students across Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa. Guilherme has been acknowledged by the Schwab Foundation and Folha de São Paulo as Brazil's top-10 social entrepreneur of the year (post-COVID legacy), in 2020, and by MIT Technology Review as Brazil's top social innovator among under-35 entrepreneurs, in 2014. He is also a social innovation specialist at the World Economic Forum Expert Network.

Research Interests: 
Education; Development Economics; Behavioral Economics