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Fernanda Yamamoto

Program Year : 
2022 - 2023
Fellow Type: 
Academic Degree: 
Associated University in Brazil: 
Current Position: 
Educational Project Coordinator / Associate Researcher

Fernanda is an associate researcher at the Institute of Advanced Studies at University of São Paulo (USP) and Education Project Coordinator at Senac São Paulo. She works with educational projects related to secondary education and technical/vocational training, as well as performing research, teaching short courses and other projects. As a highlight, she worked on the design, development and implementation of a proposal for technical secondary education at Senac SP. She wrote a book on life projects for technical high school students and coordinated teaching materials for high schools. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature (Portuguese and Spanish languages) and a Teaching Credential in Literature (Portuguese language) from University of São Paulo, a Master’s Degree and PhD in Education, Art and History of Culture from Mackenzie Presbyterian University. Her She also did postdoctoral research in education at University of São Paulo. She has experience and research interest in education with an emphasis on teacher training for secondary education, professional education and curriculum design.