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Boris Maia

Program Year : 
2022 - 2023
Fellow Type: 
Visiting Scholar
Academic Degree: 
Ph.D. in Anthropology
Associated University in Brazil: 
Federal Fluminense University
Current Position: 
Postdoctoral Fellow

Bóris Maia is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at Federal Fluminense University (UFF) and a Visiting Scholar at the Lemann Center for Educational Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Brazil at Stanford University. He is a sociocultural anthropologist whose work is mainly concerned with the dynamics of state power and the functioning of the formal educational system in Brazil. His scholarship engages in the debates of both the anthropology and sociology of education in order to examine how the connections among race, ethnicity, religion, and gender produce hierarchies through schooling and how conflicts and violence in classrooms are linked to the way teachers exercise authority with the students. In the last years, he has been engaged in several research projects developed at the Institute of Comparative Studies in Conflict Management (InEAC-UFF) focused on how principals, teachers, and other school staff have been managing the conflicts that emerge in the school routine. At UFF, he has served as an instructor in graduate and undergraduate courses in Social Sciences, Anthropology, and Public Security programs.