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Ana Machado

Program Year : 
2019 - 2020
Fellow Type: 
Academic Degree: 
Policy, Organization and Leadership Studies, Stanford University
Associated University in Brazil: 
Marketing Bachelor Degree - University of São Paulo
Current Position: 
Psychosociology of Youth and Public Policy Specialist - Faculdade Escola de Sociologia Política de São Paulo

Ana is a MA Candidate, Policy, Organization and Leadership Studies 2020 at the Graduate School of Education. Before joining Stanford, Ana had worked with education in Brazil for the past seven years; her last position was as principal in a private school for middle class students in the city of São Paulo. She holds a Bachelor degree in Marketing from University of São Paulo, and is a specialist in Psychosociology of Youth and Public Policy. On 2018, Ana was selected as a Leader of Tomorrow by the University of Saint Gallen (Switzerland) after wining an essay competition about the future of work and its impacts on society.