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Fellowships for Doctoral Degree

The Lemann Center is training a new generation of Brazilian educational policy leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs in the Graduate School of Education's PhD programs. The students attending these programs are known as the Lemann Center Fellows, a select group of Brazilian talent funded through the Lemann Center at Stanford.

Want to be a Lemann Center Fellow?

Here are the steps for the Doctoral Program:

Candidates to become a Lemann Center Fellow must demonstrate a firm commitment to work for the development of Brazil, indicating how the expertise gained through the program will further the development of their projects and be directed toward improving Brazilian education.

To become a Lemann Center Fellow, you must first be accepted into one of the Doctoral programs listed below, and then, to apply for the Lemann Center Fellowship.

For the next academic year, the Lemann Center will fund at least one fellowship in any of the Graduate School of Education programs. Fellowships cover tuition and all living expenses in accordance with Stanford's policies. Duration is up to four years.

The School of Education offers a variety of programs covering a wide academic spectrum.

Programs are organized within the following academic areas:

  • Social Sciences, Humanities & Interdisciplinary Policy Studies in Education (SHIPS)
  • Developmental and Psychological Sciences (DAPS)
  • Curriculum Studies and Teacher Education (CTE)
  • Cross-Area Specialization: Learning Sciences and Technology Design (LSTD)

For detailed information on the programs, visit the School of Education doctoral programs website.

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Candidates must go through Stanford's regular selection process for the desired Doctoral program.  Requirements for the selection process:

  • Letter of intent 
  • Resume (up to two pages)
  • Three recommendation letters
  • School records from all higher education institutions attended.
  • GRE
  • TOEFL or other English proficiency certificate acknowledged by Stanford
  • Supplementary forms


Please check online your deadline to apply. More information on the School of Education admissions website.

The selection process for entering the University is conducted independently from the selection process for the fellowship (which only occurs after students are admitted.)  After being admitted in the University's regular selection process, students may apply for a Lemann Center Fellowship by contacting the Lemann Center at