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Institutional Theory’s Past and Future Contributions to Organization Studies


The issue of BAR - Brazilian Administration Review, the international periodical of ANPAD (the Brazilian Academy of Management), v.13, n.3, July/September 2016, presents an interview with Stanford Emeritus Professor, W. Richard
 (Dick) Scott, who were interviewed by a former Lemann Center visiting student researcher, Juliana Marangoni Amarante.
Scott is currently Professor Emeritus of Sociology, with courtesy appointments in the Schools of Business, Education, Engineering and Medicine. He has spent his whole entire career at Stanford University. He is a leading contributor to
 organization and institutional theory and his empirical research has focused on professional organizations: schools, colleges, mental health systems, health care systems, nonprofit organizations and engineering teams.
Juliana is a PhD candidate in Business Administration at UEM - Universidade Estadual de Maringá, where she is advised by João Marcelo Crubellate. Last semester, she spent three months at the Lemann Center for Educational Entrepreneurship
 and Innovation in Brazil, doing part of her PhD dissertation, in which the institutional perspective is applied to comprehend universities' entrepreneurial turn. Given the proximity of her research to the studies conducted by Scott, Juliana's advisor while
 she was at Stanford, Professor Eric Bettinger, put her in contact with Scott and then, on May 2 2016, Scott kindly received Juliana in his Stanford Office to talk about Institutional Theory's past and future contributions to Organization Studies.

All Authors: 
Amarante, J. and Scott, W.