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How Immersion Effects Learning | Digital Puppeteering for Psychosocial Immersion


Watch Anna Carolina Queiroz, Researcher at the Virtual Human Interaction Lab at Stanford University and Lemann Center fellow, discuss her findings on "EFFECT OF IMMERSION ON COGNITIVE AND AFFECTIVE LEARNING".

Anna presented the results of two studies comparing the effect of educational immersive virtual reality (VR) videos and 2D videos on cognitive (i.e. conceptual knowledge) and affective (i.e. self-efficacy) learning outcomes at multiple time points. Results suggest that VR positively impacts self-efficacy when compared to a desktop computer. Also, it reveals that presence and self-efficacy mediated both affective and cognitive learning outcomes. These findings corroborates and expand previous studies, contributing to the role of IVR on education, particularly the impacts of IVR on the affective aspects of learning.