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Can ChatGPT be a threat to research and the classroom?


ChatGPT is the tool of the moment. The artificial intelligence platform stands out for its ability to create texts with grammatical precision. However, is it a risk to the classroom and academic research. 

In this special Porta 101, Wagner Wakka and Gustavo Minari will talk to specialists about the risks of students using this type of tool in the classroom and for academic production. 

Participating in this episode are Alexandre Nascimento, professor at SingularityU Brazil and researcher at Stanford University, in the United States; Carlos Neves, professor of the information systems course at the Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM) and Letícia Góes, professor of the Portuguese teaching platform with Letícia. 

Wagner and Gustavo did a challenge with Letícia: they asked the teacher to assign a writing "homework" and ChatGPT was used to solve it. In this program, we tell the result of this idea. 

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