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Week 4 - Discussant: Alexsandro Santos

Week 4
Discussant: Alexsandro Santos
Tuesday, April 23, 2024 - 9:00am to 10:15am
Spring 2024

About Alexsandro Santos

Alexsandro Santos is the Director of Policies and Guidelines for Full-Time Basic Education at the Education Ministry in Brazil. He works in the area of Education and Public Policies, focusing on training, management and research activities. He is mainly interested in issues related to the processes of formulation, implementation, financing, democratization and articulation of public policies, the processes of initial and continuing training of teachers and managers and discussions about equity/inequalities/diversities.

Working in the public sector, Alexsandro has designed programs to reduce educational inequalities and implement affirmative action in schools, focusing on black children, children whose parents are incarcerated, and children with disabilities. He also leads training programs for community leaders and public administrators, along with free pedagogy courses for low-income black youth in São Paulo.

In an age of growing political polarization and deepening inequalities, in Brazil and elsewhere, Alexsandro’s activism models a new form of leadership, working inside and outside government to enact policy and empower people as agents of change. His goal is to help young people from vulnerable backgrounds develop technical and leadership skills so that they can put those skills to work for social and political transformation.