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Learning, Games and Creativity

EDUC 404 Topics on Brazilian Education
Learning, Games and Creativity
Tuesday, February 14, 2017 - 12:00am
Lemann Center Conference Room
Presented by Visiting Scholar Luciano Meira, Discussant Professor Paulo Blikstein

In this presentation, Luciano Meira  reports on his experience as a teacher, researcher and entrepreneur in educational innovation in Brazil. More specifically, Luciano will talk about the game-based learning environments he has been helping to develop at Joy Street (, a company Luciano co-founded and currently works at as chief of science and innovation. The presentation will include a review of the literature on the effectiveness of digital games on students' engagement and performance in schools, a discussion of the design and pedagogical principles that have guided his work, and an assessment of how those game-based environments have transformed traditional social arrangements within school networks in Brazil.