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ICE/IEPA MA Paper Presentations

Wednesday, July 27, 2022 - 1:30pm to 4:10pm
CERAS, Stanford University

Join us for presentations and discussions of Master’s Papers by students in the International Comparative Education (ICE) and International Education Policy Analysis (IEPA) master’s programs, Class of 2022!

Abby Li Holst: “Losing Face” and “Creating [an Identity-Affirming] Space”: Barriers to and Motivating Factors for Choosing Teaching Careers among Asian American Pre-service Teachers

Alejandra Arvizu Fernández: “Out of Love and Caring for our Students”: Mexican Pre-Service Teachers' Views of Social-Emotional Learning

Allison Gross and Renata Correa Gomes: Early Childhood Education Practices for Emotional Wellbeing: A Study of Rohingya and Venezuelan Refugee Communities

Bismah Tahir and Elvis Wu: The Relationship between Teachers’ Time Allocation and Student Scores in Rural Low-Income Schools in Punjab, Pakistan

Bruna Barbosa Pecin: Professional Development for School Leaders: A Path Towards More Equity-Oriented Schools in Brazil

Camille Fabo: Hazy Border between Partnership and Prescription: Analyzing International Governmental Organizations’ Interventions in Sub-Saharan Education Policy

Darlene Ineza : “We Tried our Best to Adapt”: Rwandan Medical Students' EdTech Experiences During COVID-19

Francisco Mello Castro: Curricular Limbo: Content Analysis of Equitable Support Systems in Brazilian High School Curricula

Jennifer Fortet: Inspiring Teachers: Verb or Adjective? An Exploration of Professional Development Tools in Rural Uganda

Jingyue Zhang: Does Teacher Job Satisfaction Impact Students' Academic Achievement? A Cross-subject Student Fixed Effect Study on the China Education Panel Survey

Julia Tami Ishikawa: Middle-Tier Management and School Performance in Brazil: Evidence from a Mixed-Methods Study in the State of Minas Gerais

Lara Vilela: Inequalities in Student Achievement in Brazil: Intersections of Race, Gender, Socioeconomic Background, and Region of Origin

María José Alvarez: “I Can’t Get Distracted with Stupid Things Like Being in Love”: Students’ Perceptions of Stress and Support in an Academically Demanding University in Mexico

Nina Yacher Perroni: “How Can We Change if We Are the Same People?”: Chilean Academic Leaders’ Experiences Implementing a Practice-Based Teacher Education Approach

Rebecca Shipan: Global Mandates and Anthropocentrism: Analyzing Environmental and Sustainability Education Policy in France, the Philippines, and the United Nations

Risa Ninomiya: What Explains the Adoption of Gender Equality Offices in Japanese Higher Education? The Role of Cultural Norms

Sara Vitral Rezende: The Opportunity to Learn during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Social Inequalities and the Digital Divide in Brazil

Stefano Hollis: Education as an International Export: Marketing Elite English Schools as Franchises Overseas