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Fablearn Conference - Stanford 2017

FabLearn 2017: 7th Annual Conference on Creativity and Making in Education
Creating a Sustainable Ecosystem for Making in Education
Saturday, October 21, 2017 - 12:00am to Friday, October 27, 2017 - 12:00am
Stanford Graduate School of Education
The FabLearn Conference, in-Cooperation with Association for Computing Machinery, Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction (ACM SIGCHI), brings together key influencers and thought-leaders from around the world in education, policy-making, academia, design, research, and maker communities to learn, present, and discuss digital fabrication in education, the maker culture, hands-on learning, and instructional tools. The conference theme in 2017 is: “Creating a Sustainable Ecosystem for Making in Education.” Even though submissions do not have to be connected to the conference theme, we are particularly interested in papers addressing issues of sustainability in the maker movement. The conference will have several panels focusing on the theme. One panel will be about Making and Community Development, which will concentrate on making in low-resourced regions and/or developing countries, will bring educators and researchers from around the world to share experiences about making in diverse communities and non-traditional settings. FabLearn 2017 will also have a panel about the “industry of making,” bringing together entrepreneurs that are part of the maker ecosystem to discuss the infrastructure of making and its long-term viability.

The two-day conference features:

  • World-renowned keynote speakers,
  • Panels of cutting-edge researchers and educators,
  • Demonstrations of the latest technology, and
  • Immersive hands-on workshops.

The conference has two primary goals:

  • Establishing the current “state of the field” by gathering information about the work conducted by those in the field, and
  • Disseminating information about best practices and tools, and connecting researchers with practitioners, policy-makers, and pioneering educators.


 Visit or email for more information.

Additional event: Strategic Planning, Design and Implementation of Educational Makerspace Programs

Dates: October 23-27, 2017

Location: Stanford Graduate School of Education, Palo Alto, CA USA

Overview: This 5-day class provides comprehensive training for strategic planning, design, and implementation of educational makerspace and fablab programs, using the FabLearn approach to K-12 STEAM project-based education. It includes topics on learning sciences theory, instructional methodologies and pedagogy, educational makerspace implementation, research practices, assessment of maker-based learning, curriculum-building, and digital fabrication tools.

During the 5-day program, participants will be guided in developing their own unique maker education deployment, training, curriculum and assessment plans tailored to organization and country-specific needs and strategies.

Who Should Attend: This class is designed for educational leaders who strive to systematically integrate the principles of constructionism and maker education into formal and informal learning spaces. It is specifically designed for educators, policy makers, directors of maker programs, and educational administrators who are charged with planning and implementation of maker education programs within their organizations, districts or states regardless of size or country; and with responsibility for strategic planning, development, curriculum design and support training for project-based learning environments.

O programa FabLearn oferecerá nos dias 23-27 de outubro de 2017 a formação "Planejamento, Design e Implementação Estratégia de Programas Makerspace Educacionais”.

Este curso de 5 dias é desenhado para líderes educacionais envolvidos na integração sistemática de princípios de construcionismo e educação maker em espaços de aprendizagem formal e informal. Durante o programa, os participantes são guiados no desenvolvimento do seu próprio plano de desenvolvimento, treinamento, desenvolvimento de currículo de avaliação de educação maker, adaptado às necessidades e estratégias específicas da organização, município, estado ou País.

O programa oferece treinamento integral usando abordagem FabLearn para educação baseada em projetos na área de STEAM. Inclui tópicos de teoria de ciências da aprendizagem, metodologias instrucionais e pedagogia, implementação de espaços maker educacionais, práticas de pesquisa, avaliação de aprendizagem maker, construção de currículo e ferramentas de fabricação digital.

O curso é inglês, mas dependendo da participação de brasileiros, podemos organizar tradução simultânea em Português.

Além disso, nos dias 21 e 22 de outubro acontecerá a conferência FabLearn em Stanford, que é também uma boa oportunidade para aprender mais sobre a construcionismo e educação maker e as experiências internacionais nesta abordagem.

 Visite o site ou envie email para  para informacões adicionais.