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Evolution of Education Journalism in Brazil

Evolution of Education Journalism in Brazil
Tuesday, February 20, 2024 - 9:00am to 10:15am
Winter 2024
In recent decades, education journalism has undergone significant changes in Brazil, influenced by the expansion of standardized tests. New exams and metrics have enabled more in-depth coverage and often made headlines - from identifying positive deviants such as Sobral to uncovering scandals such as the theft of the national high school exam (ENEM). Higher-quality discussions in the press have influenced societal demand for better and more equitable educational opportunities. Renata will share her experience as a co-founder and current president at Jeduca, the Brazilian Association of Education Journalists, which helps better prepare journalists to cover education. She will also discuss what is newsworthy in education today and how news websites work to attract a larger audience.

About Renata Cafardo
Renata Cafardo, a highly esteemed education reporter in Brazil, brings 24 years of experience to her role. She has dedicated herself to discussing public education policies, spanning from nursery school to university levels, and covering national and international testing. She currently serves as an education reporter and columnist at O Estado de S. Paulo, one of Brazil's oldest and most influential newspapers. She also worked as a reporter for TV Globo, featuring on programs such as Fantástico and Jornal Nacional. In 2009, Renata made a lasting impact on Brazilian education journalism by uncovering fraud in the Enem, the country's college examination taken by over four million students. Her report revealing the test theft just days before the exam earned her top honors in the national press. In 2017, she further delved into the subject with her book, "O Roubo do Enem" (The Theft of Enem). Throughout her career, Renata has received over 15 journalism awards.