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Early literacy in Brazil: Emerging policies and future challenges

Early literacy in Brazil
Emerging policies and future challenges
Tuesday, February 27, 2024 - 9:00am to 10:15am
Winter 2024
On average, half of Brazilian children become literate by the end of the 2nd grade, at 7 years of age. This average conceals huge inequalities, with states where only 30% of children learn to read and write by the age of 7, and states where this figure reaches 70%. The children who do not have their right to literacy ensured are the most vulnerable. Seventeen states have created literacy policies in collaboration with their municipalities over the last 4 years, following the example of the state of Ceará. Moreover, in July 2023, the federal government launched the "Compromisso Nacional Criança Alfabetizada," announcing an investment of R$ 3 billion in teacher training, assessments, "Cantinhos de Leitura," and awards for departments of education and schools over the next 3 years. While public literacy policies seem to be progressing in Brazil, there are still significant barriers to overcome if the country wants all their kids to be able to read and write at the right age. Daniela will share her learnings, reflections, and experience working collaboratively with partners, experts, and governments over the last 8 years.

About Daniela Caldeirinha

Daniela is the Vice President of Education at the Lemann Foundation. She leads a portfolio of initiatives that benefit over 3 million students in Brazil. Previously, Daniela served as the head of the Foundation's literacy area for five years. During that time, she consolidated, together with partners, the implementation of large-scale programs focused on eradicating school illiteracy in the country.

Before that, Daniela was in charge of the organization's Educational Policy area. She led the mobilization for the approval of the Base Nacional Comum Curricular. Upon arriving at the Foundation, she was responsible for translating and implementing the Khan Academy platform in Brazil ( and implementing projects focused on technology in education.

Daniela is a journalist by profession. She has coordinated the communication of the Rodrigo Mendes Institute and the Sou da Paz Institute. She has also worked in the press relations area of Johnson & Johnson, where she began her career.