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A Discussion on Japanese Education in Brazil

Tuesday, October 3, 2023 - 9:00am to 10:15am
Fall 2023
Lemann Center Conference Room

Karen Hoshino, Masters Student, Stanford University

Born in Japan, but raised in Latin American countries: Nicaragua, Ecuador, and Brazil, Karen grew up speaking 4 languages. She earned her B.A. degree from Saint Louis University by double majoring in International Studies and Spanish, with a concentration in Latin America. Her coursework covered anthropology, linguistics, history, and politics of Latin America. Karen's undergraduate thesis was a comparative case study of ethnic assimilation between the Japanese and African population in Brazil. Apart from her undergraduate thesis, Karen wrote about her interest in Koronia-go, the language of the Japanese colony in Brazil, which she looks forward to continuing researching more at Stanford.

Before coming to Stanford, Karen took every opportunity she could to serve the international population. She served as the Student Government Association's Vice President for International affairs, became the International Ambassador Coordinator, worked closely with the International Admissions Office, and gave career guidance to international students at Saint Louis University. During her summer breaks, she had the opportunity to serve as an English and Japanese immersion teacher at Colégio Mirassol, in SP, Brazil. Her passion to serve the international community, especially the Latin American community, has led her to Stanford CLAS.

Known for its academic excellence, interdisciplinary curriculum, world-class faculty and research, Karen is eager to dive deep into her areas of interest in Latin American studies at Stanford. As a master's student of Stanford CLAS, Karen will continue serving the International and Latin American population, research about Japanese immigration to the continent, and learn more languages.