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A conversation about literacy wars in the US and lessons for Brazil

A conversation about literacy wars in the US and lessons for Brazil
Tuesday, February 27, 2024 - 10:30am to 12:00pm
Winter 2024
Dr. Silverman and Dr. McCandliss will provide a brief overview of the history of reading policy and practice in the U.S. and describe the current context. They will also discuss how their work relates to the history and current context. Finally, they will provide time for discussion about how the U.S. context is similar to or different from the Brazilian context and how scholars in the U.S. and Brazil could learn from each other to better support reading acquisition for students in the future.

About Rebecca D. Silverman

Rebecca D. Silverman is an Associate Professor of Early Literacy at the Stanford Graduate School of Education.  Dr. Silverman’s research focuses on language and literacy development in early childhood and elementary school.  Her work has contributed to the research base on using read alouds, multimedia, cross-age peer learning, and small group dialogic instruction to support the vocabulary development and reading comprehension of diverse learners.

About Bruce McCandliss

Professor Bruce McCandliss is a Professor at Stanford Graduate School of Education and academic researcher investigating the intersection between cognitive neuroscience and education, especially three transformations in cognitive development that are guided by educational experience: executive function, literacy, and numerical cognition.