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Ana Pires do Prado

SCHOOL ENROLLMENT IN RIO DE JANEIRO PUBLIC SCHOOLS: Families and school bureaucracy viewpoints
Ana Pires do Prado
Wednesday, December 5, 2018 - 9:00am to 10:50am
Fall 2018
LC Conference Room
This is a collective research and is coordinate by Professor Ana Pires do Prado, Professor Rodrigo Rosistolato and Professor Maria Muanis, from UFRJ. The aim is to understand the distribution of pupils among schools in the transition from the fifth to sixth grade of elementary education by analyzing families and school administration's actions. We have conducted interviews with 52 families and 23 school principals to apprehend families' criteria to choose and strategies to access schools and the enrollment procedures adopted by school principals. The results suggest that families follow distinctive paths to reach the places at schools and that principals play an active role in pupils’ selection.

Professor Ana Pires do Prado, Universade Federal do Rio de Janiero, Departamento de Fundamentos da Educação, Visiting Scholar