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Disseminating Evidence-based Policy Research

One of the original goals of the Lemann Center was to create an institution in Brazil that would increase the impact of academic research on education policy in Brazil by strengthening the connections between education scholars and a variety of policy audiences. In 2018 we established Dados para um Debate Democratico em Educacao (D3E), which is now working in a variety of ways to ensure that current education policy debates are informed by rigorous evidence and careful analysis. D3E has published three major reports, including a recent one on FUNDEB, and has organized a number of public events for members of Congress, journalists, and other actors in the policy system.

In the next two years D3E will focus on several key issues in Brazilian education, including educational governance, public subsidies for private education, and secondary school reform, with a particular focus on policies related to teachers and vocational education. We will also produce reports and events assessing the role of new technologies in improving school and student performance. In the longer term we will continue to build a network of scholars who are committed to conduct research and engage in public debate on the many challenges facing Brazil’s education system, with the goal of establishing D3E as a reliable source of empirical evidence and careful analysis for decision-makers at all levels of the system.