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Rodrigo Barbosa e Silva

Program Year : 
Fellow Type: 
Senior Fellows
Academic Degree: 
Previous Education: 
PhD in Technology and Society - PPGTE UTFPR Curitiba
MTech in Technology
BSc in Systems Analysis - Unicentro, Guarapuava-PR

I'm an entrepreneur, researcher, analyst, mentor, and non-profit activist interested in the construction of an understanding of computation as a practice of freedom. I hold a Ph.D. in Technology and Society (STS Studies) from UTFPR/Curitiba.

My current academic research interest is public policy in Science and Technology towards a more democratic and equitable technological Society. I’ve led dozens of technological initiatives in public and private sectors in Brazil. In Lemann Center, I'm responsible to conduct rigorous research and practical actions to help to close the gap between academic innovation, schools, and startups. 

In Education, I'm personally involved in tech initiatives applying free software, teaching/learning, IoT and low-cost open-hardware devices such as Arduino, Gogo Board, and Raspberry Pi. I'm involved in Brazilian platforms to e-payments, face recognition, big data, natural language processing, and machine learning. 

I am deeply interested in helping the national technology industry, in explore the potentials of programming and technology as a tool to emancipation, development, and freedom.