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Barbara Born

Program Year : 
Fellow Type: 
Academic Degree: 
MA (ICE) Stanford University, 2016 - 2017
Previous Education: 
BA in History, Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo - PUC-SP, 2009
MA in Education, Universidade de São Paulo - USP, 2015

Barbara Born is a PhD Student in the International and Comparative Education program at Stanford University. She holds a Master's degree in International and Comparative Education from Stanford University (2016/2017) and a Master's degree in Education from University of São Paulo (USP - Brazil) (2012/2015), and a BA degree in History from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo (PUC-SP - Brazil). During almost ten years, Barbara worked as a teacher in private and public schools in São Paulo. She also worked for the Department of Education in São Paulo City as a teacher educator for two years, where she became interested in issues related to teacher education. She has experience with educational assessment, and worked in content development in this area at Empresa Brasileira de Avaliações Educacionais. During the last two years, Barbara has worked in content development and the training of faculty for the program PED Brasil. In this program, she developed content in Curriculum Design and Assessment of, for, and as learning. Currently, she is researching mechanisms to enhance quality in preservice and in-service teacher education programs in Brazil. 

Research Interests: 
Teacher education
International Comparative Education
Curriculum and Instruction