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Raquel Guimaraes

Program Year : 
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Academic Degree: 
M.A. International Comparative Education

Since 2015, I have been nominated as a Member of the Advisory Committee of Specialists for Evaluation of Educational Policies on the Board of Educational Studies at Inep. It is a relevant position to subsidize Inep in its work on diagnosis and evaluation of educational policies. In 2016, as Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics of the Federal University of Paraná, I participated as a consultant at the Institute of Economic and Social Development (Ipardes) in the elaboration of population projections by sex and age groups for the State of Paraná and its municipalities until 2040. Such projections were widely used in the elaboration and planning of state public policies. The consultancy also involved the dissemination of knowledge of the models to the technicians of Ipardes and, in this way, there was training of human capital of the same institution. In 2017, I once again worked as a consultant for Inep, conducting analytical studies on the adequacy between supply and demand of training of basic education teachers in undergraduate courses. The consultancy was carried out within the partnership between UNDP and the Brazilian government. Also, in 2017, I was selected as a visiting researcher at the Institute of Applied Economic Research (Ipea), under the project "Model of Macroeconomic and Social Security Projections in the Medium and Long Term", under the coordination of José Ronaldo de Castro Souza Júnior, Director of Macroeconomic Studies and Policies. Since then I have carried out population, educational and activity projections of the Brazilian population, subsidizing the construction of macroeconomic simulations. Currently, under the invitation of Professor Alisson Flavio Barbieri, I will participate in the Climate Network, instituted by the then Ministry of Science and Technology in 2007, which constitutes an important pillar of support for the R&D activities of the National Plan for Climate Change, to national knowledge needs on climate change, including the production of information for the formulation of public policies. I was also selected for the postdoctoral degree at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, as a Fellow of Capes, to work in the area of Demography, starting July 2019.