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Lucas Giannini

Program Year : 
2016 - 2018
Fellow Type: 
Previous Education: 
Bachelor of Science in Economics - Universidade de São Paulo (2012)

Lucas is a Joint MA Education/MBA student, Class of 2018, at Stanford University, interested in education policy and early childhood. He has been a management consultant at The Boston Consulting Group, working on strategic projects for leading private and not-for-profit organizations in Brazil. Lucas has also been a consultant at Instituto Natura, where he supported the creation of the Centro de Inovação para a Educação Brasileira (CIEB), a education nonprofit with shared governance between the private and public sectors - the first of its kind in Brazil. In his hometown of São Paulo, he was a social activist and was elected a councilman for his region, overseeing local public policies that impact over 300k inhabitants. Lucas earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics at Universidade de São Paulo, where he graduated top of his class, having also done academic exchange programs at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Sciences Po Paris.

Research Interests: 
Education policy
early childhood
Economics of education