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Fernanda Alves

Program Year : 
2022 - 2023
Fellow Type: 
Academic Degree: 
POLS Program Master
Associated University in Brazil: 
Arco Educação

Fernanda holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marine Engineering (POLI-USP, 2018) as well as a Master’s degree in Engineering with focus on Logistics (POLI-USP, 2020). During her bachelor’s degree, she was an exchange student at TU Darmstadt (2014/2015) too.
After graduating, she has worked at Bain & Company, a strategic management consultancy company and at Arco Educação, a private education company listed in NASDAQ that serves more than a million students in Brazil and more than 5k schools. At Arco, she worked in different areas like project management, business intelligence and customer success and was a volunteer at Arco Institute leading the launch of a mentorship program that connected public students with non-profit organizations through a mentoring program.
She is a POLS (Policy, Organization and Leadership Studies) student at Stanford and is particularly interested in understanding how these 3 factors impact the education systems around the world and also, in understanding how we can connect the private and 3rd sector to potentialize the number of opportunities offered to underprivileged youth in Brazil.