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Raquel Coelho

Program Year : 
2016 - 2017
Fellow Type: 
Previous Education: 
Undergraduate degree - Universidade de Minas Gerais (2006)

Raquel holds an undergraduate degree in Portuguese Language Arts and Brazilian Literature from Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais. Over the past ten years, she has accumulated a broad range of teaching experience. She has taught children, youth, and adults in formal and informal settings within both public and private sectors of Brazil and Czech Republic. She has dedicated the last seven years to the studying and teaching of writing. Her current research at Stanford explores how teachers in Brazil teach writing. With her current research, she aims to provide a baseline necessary for future research to generate transformative and powerful ways of thinking about writing and the teaching of writing in Brazilian classrooms. Raquel is particularly interested in helping students - especially those in public and under-resourced schools - to write ethically and persuasively. “Social transformation in Brazil will be closely tied to the writing and rhetoric of our people. I see myself as playing an important role in leading and inspiring that journey.”

Research Interests: 
Writing and Rhetoric